Predict this…

Ian Holloway has upset a few Huddersfield fans with his comments in a prediction league article. 
 Now, I wouldn’t ask Ian Holloway for any advice. I wouldn’t ask him for directions to the bus stop if he was the only man for 50 miles, and I needed to catch the bus to save my parents lives and he was wearing a sign with “ask me the way to the bus stop” written in flashing neon. 
 He’s not a man whose opinion I put any value in, so I’m not concerned if he thinks Huddersfield will finish 23rd or be promoted at Christmas and given early access to the Premier League. 
 He’s a manager who’s had some success, but he’s currently sharing his tedious and humourless musings for fat piles of Rupert Murdoch’s money. 
 It’s nice work if you can get it, but a prediction league is a bugger of a thing to write. So, I can’t really blame him if he’s just cobbled it together based on nothing at all. 
 I’ve done a few myself, and after a few musings on the handful of clubs you know something about you just start using what little knowledge you have to ensure you meet the deadline. 
 You’ll use every little thing you know about the club. For example, you’ll think: “Newcastle are a good attacking side and I know this after those games against Liverpool 20 years ago, so I think they’ll do well” 
 Or: “Norwich are riding high after a strong finish in the Premier League in 94. How they’ll cope post Chris Sutton is anybody’s guess.” 
 For other clubs you’ll just think: “I hate that club, and their fans called me a nob when I walked past them wearing a fedora and scarf combo last year, so they’ll definitely finish in the relegation zone”
 The predication league can be a meticulous work of art, drawn together from years of football watching experience and hours of hard graft and research, or in most cases they’re a swiftly thrown together mess of hopeless guess work. 
 Worth noting also that no pundit is as invested in your club as you are, and although they should do their research if they’re getting paid, it ultimately doesn’t matter. 
 Let people believe whatever they like about your club, if you spend too long worrying about it then you’re just going to miss the fun and anticipation of a new season. 
 If they’re right then it was a lucky guess, if they’re wrong then you’ve got a reason to laugh at them.