Don’t waste the Summer staring out the transfer window.

The obsession with transfers is about to ruin our summer, and we all must take a break from football entirely or risk losing another 3 months to Internet searches and a near constant refresh of the club website.

So much false hope, and so much frustration as the club puts up constant false hope headlines: “Club signs: a new deal with pie stockist” “Club welcome new signing: local business agrees to be a club partner” “fresh face in town: come and buy your club gnome”

So months are spent dealing with incredible levels of nonsense. Trawling message boards for the faintest rumour, obsessing over tweets sent by a teenager posing as an in the know football agent, or standing outside the stadium, with binoculars, looking for athletic looking types. Only the latter can lead to you getting arrested.

All this is a complete waste of time, and ultimately pays few dividends even if you do sign somebody. You’re so invested in this by now that when you do sign somebody it’s just a huge disappointment. “Him? I thought we were going to show some ambition this summer” or you already know about it anyway so when the club announce the signing it leads to cries of “well that’s the worst kept secret on earth, we all know already”

I’ve personally wasted far too much time searching doing nearly all of the above, and at no point did I find it rewarding. It’s when I was desperately trying to access the club website on a beach in Greece did I truly realise I had been wasting my time.

So I’m ignoring the world of transfer rumours, taking a break from football for a few months, and I’ll just find out in August that we’ve signed Marlon Harewod on a long term deal & resigned Alan Lee after Harewood blew out his knee in pre season.


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